Mini Handheld Smart Measuring Instrument


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Red Dot Award Design: The Patented Mini Yellow Ring

The Mini Yellow Ring laser tape measure features a Red Dot Award-winning design, crafted with rubber paint material for enhanced grip and fixation. Its ultra-compact body design ensures ease of use while maintaining precision in measurements.

Bluetooth Connection for Seamless Integration

With Bluetooth connectivity to the Mi Home app, this laser tape measure enables convenient data storage, sharing, floor plan drawing, and unit conversion. This seamless integration enhances user experience, making measurement tasks more efficient and manageable.

Low Power OLED Screen for Prolonged Use

Equipped with a patented low power OLED screen, this laser measurement tool ensures prolonged usage without sacrificing performance. Designed for indoor use, the efficient display guarantees reliable measurements over extended periods.

Timely and Accurate Measurements

The Mini Yellow Ring laser tape measure offers swift and accurate measurements, with a range from 0.16 feet to 98 feet. Quick results are achieved within 0.2 seconds, with an impressive accuracy of up to ±1/16 inch. Whether for professional tasks or DIY projects, its precision and efficiency make it a valuable tool for various applications.

Compact: Easy handling in tight spaces.

Bluetooth: Seamless data transfer.

Low Power: Extended battery life.

Swift & Accurate: Efficient precision.

Mini Handheld Smart Measuring Instrument

Mini Handheld Smart Measuring Instrument

£92.99 £82.99

Mini Handheld Smart Measuring Instrument

£92.99 £82.99
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